Excerpts from songs of the Somali musician Abdi-Razaq.

Africa Music Page
Resource on Africa music including music samples, links to
African artists websites, African music shops, studies, dance,
tours, newsgroups.

Africa Music - on South of the Sahara
Links to internet resorces on African music.

Africa: Music, Videos and Films - on African Studies WWW
Links to internet resorces on African music, videos and films.

Africa Online Music
Discover tarabu, Swahili wedding music of Zanzibar, the ngoma and mtindo of Tanzania, highlife music of Ghana, Cameroon's makossa, many worlds of Moroccan music and the mbira legends of Zimbabwe.

Africa Online Kenya - Kenyan Music
Article about Kenyan music.

Africa Sabu Njouma (Guinea)
Samples of traditional dance music from the northern part of Guinea.

African Brazilian Connection
Their aim is to preserve and propagate Afro Brazilian culture, incentivating its artists and people

African Music and Drumming Resources on the Web
Extensive link collection to drumming resources.

African Music and Dance
C.K Ladzekpo (Home Page) is the director of the African music program at the University of California at Berkeley. He has combined a career as a performer, choreographer and composer with teaching and extensive scholarly research into African performing arts.

Afrique en creations
Calendar of african performances in the world, online editon of Afrique en Scene, guide to theatre in Africa and the Indian Ocean and an introduction to African music in 100 CDs.

Afro-Carribean Music
Non commercial server devoted to the promotion of the Afro-Caribbean music. Comprehensive index by artist, by style, by instrument, by country, by year and by label.

Afropop Worldwide
A guide to contemporary African Music.

Al Mashriq
Middle East music, song and dance.

Arab music from Konouz, The Arab internet Directory

Cape Verdean Music
New releases, events, sound gallery, discography, performers, where to buy on-line articles, and other music sites of interest.

Cora Connection: The Manding music traditions of West Africa
Homepage of the West African band Cora Connection. Country information, discover the harp-lute kora, West Africa in the classroom, music catalog, artist profile: Djelimady Tounkara, musicial instrument marketplace and world music links and resources.

Dandemutande: Zimbabwean music & culture worldwide
This US site offers a basic introduction to Zimbabwean music, contact information on teachers who specialize in Zimbabwean music in the US and elsewhere, images of "traditional" instruments, texts of interviews with Zimbabwean musicians, photographs, and links to related sites.

Djembe L FAQ
A combination of Frequently Asked Questions and resource material on various hand drum topics.

Information on all aspects of the djembe, West African aesthetics and culture.

East African Music
Articles that review the popular music of Kenya, Tanzania and Congo-Z.

Echoes of Africa
Homepage of the educational program through music, every monday 3pm to 6pm. Three hours with African music.

Egyptian Audio Clips
Rapid and streamed playing of clips and whole songs. The sound is of Telephone Quality (GSM standard).

Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, 1938-1997:

Africa Online's Listening Booth on Fela (Africa Online, Inc., Cambridge, Mass.)

Fela Lives On! (Via Ghotek International, Nanuet, New York)

A collection of links to sound files ( RealAudio Player required ), a discography, and written statements.

Obituary statements and other links (Ken Caldeira, California)

Foundation Course In African Dance Drumming
Aimed at the beginning students who wish to understand and perform African music.

Kosono Online
Links to Kosono and African music.

Kotoja: Modern Afro-Beat
Biographical info on the band, on Ken Okulolo, and the musicians of the West African Highlife Band as well.

Madagascar Music on CD
A listing of all known CDs comprised entirely of Malagasy music.

Mbira, Marimba and Chimurenga styles of music from the indigenous cultures of Zimbabwe. Related topics, Shona and Ndebele customs, Shona language and literature, traditions and beliefs as they relate to Mbira music is also discussed.

Mandinka Drum Master
Homepage of the principal Mandinka drummer for the National Ballet of Senegal for 25 years, Mamadou Ly.

Musical Culture of the World
Created by Dr. Ashenafi Kebede for the World Music Cultures course. The objective of the course is "to motivate students to develop an appreciation and recognition of the existence, integrity, and diversity of the world's musical traditions". With syllabus.

Ndere Troupe: Traditional Dance and Music from Uganda
Images, a mbaire (Basoga xylophone) sound file, and links to other information on Ugandan and African music in general.

Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika
Order tape and booklet, and teach yourself to sing Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika, Anthem of the new South Africa.

Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika - University of Pretoria
All the different versions, history, lyrics, translation and scores.

Orientation Africa
Select topics, choose music & entertainment.

RootsWorld ­ Africa
Africa section of the online magazine of world roots and folk

Sahel's Music Page
African music by the Internet company Sahel Technologies.

Saba Entertainment
African and world music.

Swahili Song Lyrics
Lyrics to songs written in Swahili.

Village Pulse Outpost
A record label to preserve styles of West African drum music that have been largely unavailable to the outside world.

West African Music
Sound, graphics, and videos that illustrate West African music, intended for educational use.

Zimbabwe Music Festival
"... is the largest annual gathering in North America for students, teachers, performers, and fans of Zimbabwean music. Musicians and students come from all over the US, Canada, and scattered points around the world to learn, teach, perform, dance, and connect with one another."

African Music Resources
By Roots World. Artists: articles and interviews, recordings, etc.

African Music Archive
Resources on African Music from the Institute of Ethnology and African Studies at Johannes- Gutenberg-University Mainz.

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