Africa Fund
Founded in 1966 by the American Committee on Africa, the Africa Fund works for a positive U.S. policy towards Africa and supports human rights, democracy and development.

African Human Rights Resource Center
A collection of international human rights materials with a particular focus on Africa as well as a collection of global International Human Rights Instruments -- treaties, declarations, and other materials -- together with authoritative citations. A joint project of the Makerere University Human Rights and Peace Center and the University of Minnesota Human Rights Center.

Africa Reparations Movement
Information on the movement to obtain reparations for the enslavement and colonisation of African people in Africa and the African Diaspora. Also to secure the return of African artefacts taken from Africa.

African Rights
African Rights is an organization dedicated to working on issues of grave human rights abuses, conflict, famine and civil reconstruction in Africa.

Amnesty International Online
Official web site of the international human rights organisation. With a library of all AI publications since 1996. However, you may find additonal information at the individual home pages of all the AI groups with a presence on the Internet:

Africa , Australia , Austria , Belgium , Botswana , Brazil , Canada , Chile , China, Czech Republic , Denmark , Finland , France , Germany , Greece , Hong Kong , Iceland , Ireland , Israel , Italy , Japan , Korea , Luxembourg , Mexico , The Netherlands , New Zealand , Norway , Poland , Portugal , South Africa , Slovakia , Slovenia , Spain , Sweden , Switzerland , Taiwan , United Kingdom , USA , Venezuela , Others

Amnesty International Women's Rights
AI's Sweden branch hosts the AI women's rights page.

Article 19, the International Centre Against Censorship (London)
An international human rights organisation which promotes freedom of expression and fights censorship all over the world. The Centre does extensive work on African media freedom issues.

Coalition Against Slavery in Mauritania and Sudan
CAMAS is a human-rights organisation that brings together abolitionists and human rights activists fcollectively fight for the eradication of the chattel enslavement of black Africans.

Committee to Protect Journalists
Based in New York city, is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organisation. Has an Africa section and individual country reports from "Attacks on the Press ".

Derechos - Human Rights
An Internet based human rights organisation, working for the promotion and respect of human rights all over the world.

The File Room ­ Africa
Despite the impossible nature of attempting to define censorship, The File Room is a project that proposes to address it, providing a tool for discussing and coming to terms with cultural censorship. Why was Simon & Garfunkel's "Cecilia" banned in Malawi, for instance?

The Fourth World Documentation Project: African Documents
The Center For World Indigenous Studies and the Fourth World Documentation Project provides documents on Indigenous Peoples in the Americas, Asia, Africa, Europe, Melanesia and the Pacific.

Freedom of Expression Institute (FXI)
The Freedom of Expression Institute (FXI) was formed in January 1994 from a merger of two organisations involved in campaigning for freedom of expression during the apartheid years, namely the Campaign for Open Media (COM) and the Anti-Censorship Action Group (ACAG). Recently, the FXI also established the Media Defence Fund to sponsor freedom of expression court cases on behalf of media who are not able to afford the legal costs. This work is a continuation of work conducted by the now-defunct Media Defence Trust (MDT).

History Museum of Slavery in the Atlantic (Pier M. Larson)
The Museum of Slavery in the Atlantic is designed to provide accurate, engaging and provocative information to the public about the history of slavery in the Atlantic.

Discussion list on human rights, includes "civic, political, economic and social rights as defined by international law.". To subscribe or unsubscribe to the list, send a message to:
In the message area put: subsingle (if you want to receive the list by individual messages)
or subscribe (if you want to receive the digest).

Human Rights in Africa List - HRW-NEWS-AFRICA
hrw-news-africa "is a list that provides press releases and public letters from Human Rights Watch about events in sub-Saharan Africa.". It is not a discussion list but provides subscribers news by email. To subscribe, write to:
In the Message area, put: subscribe hrw-news-africa
The list owwner is Karen Sorensen:

Human Rights by Yahoo

Human Rights Watch - Africa
Africa division of the New York based organisation.

IFEX, International Freedom of Expression Exchange Clearing House
Issues Actions Alerts, tracks threats to freedom of the press, radio. Do a keyword search by country to retrieve reports about Africa.
International Federation of Journalists
Has a 52 page directory of journalist member associations world-wide, describes their Media for Democracy program which supports a independent African media.
Journal of Humanitarian Assistance
A free e-journal based at Cambridge University.

OneWorld - Human Rights News
Human rights news by OneWorld News service.

Queer Resources Directory - Africa
Human Rights and homosexuality in African countries

U.S. Department of State, Country Reports on Human Rights Practices
The Country Reports on Human Rights Practices are submitted annually by the U.S. Department of State to the U.S. Congress. The reports cover internationally recognized individual, civil, political, and worker rights, as set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Human Rights Reports on Africa: 1993 | 1994 | 1995 | 1996 | 1997


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