Africa's Wars and Prospects for Peace
by Raymond W. Copson. Copson heads the Africa section of the Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress. He says that the seemingly endemic wars in African countries are only exacerbated by the continent's continued poverty, but are ultimately due to the failure of governments to respond to the needs and demands of their people.
Armed forces of the world/Contemporary conflicts
Information Resource Centre Canadian Forces College, Department of National Defence (Canada)

The Carter Center, Atlanta, USA
A nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy institute founded by former U.S. President
Jimmy Carter in 1982. The Center is dedicated to fighting disease, hunger, poverty, conflict, and oppression.

CDI Online (USA)
A private, nongovernmental, research organization. CDI seeks realistic and cost effective military spending without excess expenditures for weapons and policies that increase the danger of war. With Africa section.
Contemporary conflicts in Africa
Comprehensive internet resource on the prevention, management and resolution of violent conflicts in Africa

Centre for Conflict Resolution
The Centre is based in the Western Cape, but works nationally, in Southern Africa and internationally to fulfill its mission. Facilitation, mediation, training, education, research and advocacy, with an emphasis on capacity building at the grassroots level.

Conflict Prevention and Resolution in Sub-Saharan Africa
U.S. policy on conflict prevention and resolution in Africa

Department of Peace Studies
The largest university centre for peace studies in the world at University of Bradford,
Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Independent Projects Trust (South Africa)
"Who's Who" in Conflict Resolution. Directory of Contacts

Institute for Security Studies
Working to enhance human security in Africa. This is achieved through applied research and the dissemination of information that can inform decisions on critical areas of individual, national, regional and international security. The Institute is committed to democracy, good governance and the promotion of common security.

International Conflict Resolution
Colombia University course description and cyllabus

International Crisis Group (ICG)
Multinational organisation committed to strengthening the capacity of the international community to understand and respond to impending crises. Teams of political analysts based on the ground in countries at risks of crisis, produce regular analytical reports containing practical policy recommendations targeted at key international decision-takers.

Organisation of African Unity

Peace and Reconciliation in Africa
This paper surveys the trajectory of the peace and reconciliation motif; how it was articulated within the rapidly changing scene in Africa; how it is situated within the changing ecumenical framework; how it has taken form in specific initiatives and, finally, how it is manifested in the public arena.

Southern Africa Peace Education Program
The main concern of the Program is to promote and support the movements for stability and justice in Southern Africa. The program focuses on Southern Africa including South Africa and the "front-line states

The New is Not Yet Born by Ohlson and Stedman
They recount how Southern Africa has long endured costly, violent domestic and interstate conflicts, often complicated and intensified by external interventions and interests.

UN Peace Keeping Missions
United Nations peacekeeping means the deployment of international military and civilian personnel to a conflict area, with the consent of the parties to the conflict, in order to: stop or contain hostilities or supervise the carrying out of a peace agreement.

US Institute of Peace, on Africa
The mission of the United States Institute of Peace is to strengthen USA's capabilities to promote the peaceful resolution of international conflicts.

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